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FREE GIFT 1 - Lose the Wheat Grocery Shopping GuideFREE GIFT 1 - Lose the Wheat Grocery Shopping Guide

One of the hardest things about eating wheat free is sorting through the foods at your grocery store.

Reading labels helps. But who wants to stand in the aisle, squinting and translating food labels all day?

That's why this all-new guide is the absolute PERFECT companion to Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight. It's your aisle-by-aisle supermarket guide to making healthier choices for yourself and the ones you love.

It's organized by food category— just like your supermarket — so there's no guesswork ever. You just grab and GO. You're in and out of the market in record time, and you know you've made smart choices for your family.

This guide is NOT available anywhere else, at any price. It was created specifically to work with the Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight plan.


Remember, the Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight plan does NOT require exercise, but it's a good idea to get moving to get even faster belly-busting results.

Your free guide delivers a simple, 8-week program that targets belly fat like a laser beam. Thanks to breakthrough research, we now know that all workouts are NOT equal.

It turns out that by making simple adjustments to your exercise habits (explained in your free guide), you can burn FIVE TIMES more belly fat in the same workout time. Your free guide harnesses this exercise breakthrough with a simple, progressive walking plan that can deliver BIG results without burning you out. Losing belly fat was never easier or more pleasant!

When you're ready, your free guide also includes a set of flat-belly exercises that help firm your ever-shrinking midsection. It's almost like having a personal trainer at your side!

FREE Gift 3 - Sleep Yourself SLIM!FREE Gift 3 - Sleep Yourself SLIM!

Ever notice that doughnuts, muffins, and pastries are so much harder to resist when you're running on not quite enough sleep?

You're not alone. In studies from the University of Chicago, it was found that sleep deprivation increases insulin resistance quickly and boosts serious cravings for high-fat, high-carb sweets like pies, cakes, and cookies!

And guess where almost all that extra fat goes. Your belly, of course! So getting a good night's sleep is NOT just for rest; it actually helps control your appetite. Your free guide reveals the full, fascinating details and demonstrates how to summon deep, natural sleep all night, EVERY NIGHT.

You'll discover the 5 simple rules for sleeping soundly. The simple bedtime rituals that almost guarantee a restful night. How to defeat the worst sleep saboteurs — including a snoring spouse! Why your bedside clock may be a bad idea. The ancient Oriental art that can add an extra HOUR of deep sleep every night, according to researchers. And SO much more.

If you have any trouble sleeping, it could be sabotaging your efforts to lose weight. Discover in your free guide how to reverse the sleeplessness curse — so you can sleep like a baby at last!