How Avoiding Wheat Can Help You Get Slimmer, Stronger, Healthier, and Energized!
Lose the wheat and you can lose weight and beat diabetes, joint pain, blood sugar problems, and more!

For example:

  • 5 inches of belly fat vanishes: A researcher at a prestigious university reported that weight dropped 24.5 pounds and belly fat was reduced by 5 inches for subjects who gave up wheat.
  • 27.5 pounds disappear: According to a Mayo Clinic/ University of Iowa study, test subjects lost an average of 27.5 pounds each on a wheat-free diet.

Study after study, patient after patient, the results are undeniable. Even BETTER, the health benefits of giving up wheat go way beyond your waistline. For example, giving up wheat helped Dr. Davis lose weight AND beat diabetes. And for his patients, the results were nearly miraculous:

  • DIABETES GONE! Maureen, a patient of Dr. Davis's, not only lost 51 pounds but also no longer needed her diabetes drugs. Her blood sugar was NORMAL. Read her story on page 111.
  • DIGESTIVE TROUBLES GONE! Dr. Davis's patient Wendy had ulcerative colitis so severe, she was facing colon removal. By eliminating wheat, she's now cured (yes, CURED) and has lost 38 pounds. See page 86.
  • JOINT PAIN GONE! Jason, another patient, suffered crippling joint pain that left him unable to walk. After taking whole wheat off his menu, he experienced COMPLETE relief, walked, and even RAN! Details, page 128

Dr. Davis's patients would leave his office with a copy of this plan in their hands and ...

Break out the skinny clothes!
  • WITHIN DAYS many began feeling better and reported that their "mysterious" symptoms had vanished.
  • WITHIN WEEKS the pounds began to just melt away from their "wheat bellies" and they started fitting into skinny clothes they had almost given up on.
  • WITHIN MONTHS they would return to his office as TRANSFORMED human beings who were almost unrecognizable compared to their former, wheat-belly selves. The weight loss was astounding. Their skin looked young and smooth. They had all-day energy. They slept better. Their self-esteem had quadrupled. And they were engaged, active, young-looking men and women who were enjoying life — instead of avoiding it.
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You may be wondering... Why is wheat so bad for my waistline?

The answer is simple: Because it's NOT really wheat anymore! In the 1960s a small group of scientists in Mexico set out to make wheat easier to grow and more pest resistant. Good for the farmers, but bad for your health and your weight! Genetic engineering transformed wheat into a super carbohydrate that wreaks havoc on your body and makes you fat.

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They Lost the Wheat and LOOK What Happened!

Dr. Davis himself LOST 30 POUNDS OF FLAB and beat diabetes!

"My spare tire started at age 19 and kept growing — even though I jogged 3-5 miles a day! Then I saw a shocking photo of myself on the beach and decided to take action. As a practicing cardiologist, I knew what that extra flab was doing INSIDE my arteries. Plus I was also battling diabetes! So I created the wheat-free plan explained here."

The result? 30 pounds GONE and "I have beaten my diabetes! My patients have reported similar and spectacular results with this program. It can do the same for you."

Geno LOST 104 POUNDS and beat high cholesterol and triglycerides.

When Dr. Davis first met Geno, he was 5'10", weighed 322 pounds, and was battling blood sugar problems. He was also worried about his heart. Six months after he gave up wheat, Geno had lost an incredible 64 pounds and 14 inches off his waist. He regained the energy of his youth. He started walking and biking outdoors and was sleeping like a baby.

Even better, his blood sugar was normal. His HDL (good) cholesterol had doubled and his triglycerides dropped from several hundred milligrams to perfect range. Another 6 months later, Geno had lost 40 more pounds, now weighing 218 — a total of 104 pounds lost in one year. Read his full story on page 71 of Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight.

Dale LOST 50 POUNDS and went from a dress size 14/16 to a size 2.

"It began coming off immediately, steadily, effortlessly," she said. "At first I lost the 20 pounds I have repeatedly lost and regained my entire adult life. Then I began to see numbers on the scale that I hadn't seen since college."

"I'm delighted that at the age of 58, I'm in not only the best shape of my life but in far better shape than I ever thought possible — stronger, more flexible, more energetic."

Read her full story on page 96 of Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight.

Check LOST 14 POUNDS OF BELLY FAT fast and dodged statin drugs.

Chuck came to Dr. Davis because he had heard it was possible to reduce cholesterol without drugs. His cholesterol test was ominous and he was on the brink of needing cholesterol drugs for life.

After 90 days on the Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight program, Chuck's numbers were fantastic! He had dodged the drugs and lost 14 pounds at the same time!

Read his full story on page 160 of Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight.

A typical consumer who follows the program described in Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight can expect to lose up to 1 to 2 pounds per week.